Migrating old versions of nopCommerce to 4.10

NopCommerce is a fully customizable e-commerce shopping cart. nopCommerce 4.10 has been developed with efforts that focused on improving its performance and architecture, bring in further enhancements and fixing bugs.

It has better UI/UX in admin area, includes Google analytics plugin, can reverse an ecommerce transaction and many more such features for better user-experience.

Check the a complete list of changes made life history, click here.

General steps to upgrade:
  • Backup your existing database
  • Execute upgrade.sql script over your database. If you are upgrading from nopCommerce version older than 3.9, you need to run upgrade scripts for each version starting from the lower version to higher version.
  • Remove all files from the previous version of application files except App_Data\Settings.txt and App_Data\InstalledPlugins.txt
  • Upload new site files
  • Copy back App_Data\Settings.txt and App_Data\InstalledPlugins.txt files
  • Cross check everything is OK
  • If you stored your pictures on the file system, then backup them too (\Content\Images\) and copy back after upgrade.

After following above steps, if you run the application ‘App_Data\Settings.txt’ and ‘App_Data\InstalledPlugins.txt’, the files are automatically converted to ‘App_Data\dataSettings.json’ and ‘App_Data\installedPlugins.json’ files.

If you are using any third-party plugins, then make sure plugins are compatible for nopCommerce 4.10 before doing the migration.

Check the available update scripts in nopCommerce 

update scripts nopcommerce


For any queries on migration to nopCommerce 4.10, you can Contact us at Nooglesoft.