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Support and Maintenance for Websites and CMS – Content Management Systems

The size, complexity, relative importance, and business value of the website will determine for each website owner what maintenance and support plan is necessary and with what level of cost/benefit relationship he or she is comfortable.


String to Date and Time object conversion – Android

Converting String object to Date object is common and trivial problem in Android App. The simple solution convert the string to date format then we can make any format


Why does your website need to be responsive across all mobile devices

According to mobile industry reports, 7.12% of all website traffic worldwide came from handheld devices in 2011. In 2012, that figure rose to 11.78%.1 According to eMarketer (a leading digital media market research firm), more than 58% of A…


Why can I not ping website on hosted in AWS EC2 instance ?

For Security reason EC2 instance disable the ICMP. This ICMP to prevent ping requests. Because of this when pinging the EC2 instance domain names or their associated IP addresses we'll receive a "Request timed out." or "100% packet loss re…


Android 4.0 – Error in creating Emulator

Today I have just updated my ADT plugin and downloaded the Android SDK  version 4.0. But when I ama try to create a AVD for android 4.0, eclipse tell me ‘Unable to find a ‘userdata.img’ file for ABI armeabi to co…