AWS or Azure Cloud Migration

AWS or Azure Cloud Migration

Secure Cloud Migration to Your Requirement

Our Features

  • Accelerate Secure Cloud Adoption
  • Avoid Common Mistakes & Mitigate Risk
  • Improve Deployment Velocity & Agility
  • Achieve Continuous Cloud Compliance

Cloud Migration Strategy

Our experts work with your team to develop a comprehensive cloud migration strategy to meet your requirements.

  • Analyze all resources in your current systems
  • Prioritize applications for migration
  • Estimate the cost of migration
  • Evaluate your existing team resources
  • Create a detailed plan for cloud migration

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Cloud Architecture Design & Build

Our architects will design and build a secure production-ready AWS or Azure cloud.

  • Consult with experienced and certified Sr. Cloud Architects
  • Receive a reference architecture that meets your security and compliance requirements
  • Get the keys to a production-ready cloud environment
  • Easily replicate architecture for future builds with automated infrastructure templates

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Cloud Migration

We migrate applications and data from your datacenter to the AWS cloud or Azure cloud.

  • Migrate even the most complex workloads
  • Replicate data without performance impact
  • Easily manage mass migration of machines, in parallel
  • Eliminate downtime during migration
  • Test performance of critical resources

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